Uncon Conference Chair

Michelangelo van DamWe are excited to announce more details about the Uncon at tek13! This year we are honored to have Michelangelo van Dam (@DragonBe) serve as our Uncon chair. Michelangelo has done this for numerous other conferences in the past and we are deeply thankful to him for agreeing to help organize our Uncon as well.

As far as the Uncon itself goes, we are changing the format this year. Most prominently, we are moving Uncon away from being an evening event. The Uncon will be a full track and have first class status. We feel this change is long overdue as the Uncon content is quite often amazing and can include “hot off the presses” content on new technologies that didn’t even exist when the original schedule was decided! So this year the Uncon will run all day long on Thursday, May 16th.

What sessions appear in the Uncon? Well, that’s up to our attendees! On the first day of the conference (May 15th), we will have a board set up near the registration desk, where you can write in any talk idea that you’d like to give. But best of all, every single attendee should stop by that board throughout the day, and vote on what talks they would most like to see by putting stars next to them.

At the end of the day, Michelangelo will take a look at the board and make a decision on what looks like the best lineup for the Uncon schedule itself. It will be primarily based upon the voting of the attendees, but we are giving Michelangelo full control to make decisions on what talks will make the “best track” overall (for example, excluding a talk that is really a duplicate of another).

We will then make an announcement of the schedule, both at the party that night and at the next morning’s keynote. We’ll even update the online schedule with the information so you can look it up. Thanks again to Michelangelo for helping us out. We are looking forward to another great Uncon!