This year’s special event: LEGOs!

lego_tilesAchievement unlocked! We can’t tell you how many times we heard that at php[tek] last year, as we ran our achievement patch program. (Nor how many times we’ve been asked for help completing a set since then). We had so much fun with the patches that we knew we had to come up with something epic this year.

What’s more epic than patches? LEGOs. What’s more epic than LEGOs? Our very own custom LEGOs! A few of them are shown on the right, but there will be more. Dust off that inner child, and start getting creative! At the main conference party, we are going to have LEGO building contests (yay, prizes!), and there is also a special conference T-shirt for those who manage to collect the sponsor LEGOs. As usual, you’ve got to be there to collect them all, so make sure you have a ticket to php[tek].