Special Event: Mentorship Summit

We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from the community over the years, and as part of our contribution to help strengthen the PHP community, we’re pleased to announce that our special event this year is a Mentorship Summit!

As PHP continues to mature, the community will need to expand, and programmers new to it will need to build on the experience and knowledge of those who paved the way. There are great efforts online like PHP the Right Way, but an age-old method is still necessary: mentorship.

Inspired by Elizabeth Smith’s Mentoring Developers talk, we’re having a series of lightning talks on mentorship: both how to be a mentor and how to get mentored, especially in an age more online than in the office. Don’t think you know enough to mentor someone else? You might be surprised!

The Summit will take place in the keynote room. We’ll serve pizza during the event, and afterwards we’ll segue right into the opening night party so you can connect with mentors and mentees.

Here is the schedule for the evening:

MC: Oscar Merida, (@omerida)

“I don’t know what I’m doing!”
Sean Prunka, Software Engineer, Battelle Memorial Institute (@sprunka)
Everybody gets Imposter Syndrome from time to time, even the “Big Names.” What can you do to fight off that sinking feeling?

“How am I ever going to learn all of this?”
Jacob Mather, Software Engineer, Mashery (@thejmather)
With so much new information always ready and waiting, how do you decide what to research and learn?

“Luck is the intersection of skill and opportunity”
Chris Hartjes, Principal Engineer, Synacor (@grmpyprogrammer)
Learn from Grumpy Programmer Chris Hartjes how he built his skills by spotting opportunities.

“Mentoring at Scale”
Lorna Mitchell, Consultant (@lornajane)
What happens when you take the concept of mentoring, an arrangement between a mentor and a mentee, and apply them to the PHP ecosystem as a whole?  This session will explore ideas about mentoring on a community scale.

“Mentoring and Making Change In Organization”
Matt Frost, Senior Engineer, Synacor (@mfrost503)
Technology moves quickly, mentoring allows us to stay on top of the current trends and advances our quest to master certain topics. What happens when mastered skills and mentoring experience are brought from the community to the work place? This session will talk about mentoring and being mentored can be used to drive positive change in an organization.

Wrap-up and call to action
Elizabeth Smith, core contributor to PHP (@auroraeosrose)
Closing the circle, Elizabeth will draw together the common themes of these talks, offer some final thoughts, and challenge participants to continue the discussion and look for opportunities to mentor and be mentored.